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One Way to Write a Novel


Nonfiction ISBN:  978-1-939016-02-7 One Way to Write a Novel Digital Available Now Trade  (9/1/2012) Audio Spring 2013
Second Edition. Updated and Expanded April 2012. WRITING SHOULD BE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! “The important thing,” says the multi-published author, mentor and writing instructor, Vicki Hinze, “is to love what you’re doing.” There is no right or wrong way to write a novel, but Hinze shows you one way–her way–which has helped her write and publish award-winning, bestselling novels, time after time. In this book, she opens her personal toolbox of methods and guides that you can alter to fit your own process to get your novel started, written, tested, and submitted. One Way to Write a Novel explains Hinze’s techniques for creating memorable characters, plotting, using plot boards, testing ideas, avoiding common errors that net rejections, building a novel notebook, formatting manuscripts, writing effective dialogue, pacing, testing novel focus and much, much more–all in a fun and organized way. As Hinze says, “Your writing is time from your life and because it is, it should be the time of your life!
Writing in the Fast Lane


Nonfiction ISBN: 978-1-939016-03-4 Writing in the Fast Lane Digital Available Now Trade Fall 2012 Audio Spring 2013
Life is magnificent, and it’s tough. For writers and other creative people, sometimes it is worse than tough, particularly when we’re writing to sell—that’s writing in the fast lane. We can lose our way or ourselves, forget who we are and why we are who we are. Limping down an unclear path riddled with obstacles and landmines gets daunting even for the heartiest of writers. We can get muddled and mired and confused—lost—and not even know it… for a time. But eventually we do realize we’re lost, or that we’ve forgotten the reason we started writing in the first place, and then our basic instincts insist we find someone to blame. And so we do. We blame our publisher, our editor or agent; our spouse or kids; our in-laws, parents and/or siblings. We blame a cover artist, a copyeditor, a critique partner, a peer–or, if necessary, a rushed salesclerk, a slow-moving driver or a harried postal worker. We blame any and everyone except us. But sooner or later, we hit the wall on blaming others and it pops us right between the eyes that we’re the ones doing the limping in the fast lane. We’re the ones doing the rationalizing and the forgetting. We’re the ones working hardest at making our lives most tough. And then we’re astonished. Why do we do this us? More importantly . . . How can we not do this to us? Any writer or creative genius that wants a more fulfilled life can have one by: 1. Thinking and making conscious decisions. 2. Avoiding errors others have made because they got lost in the fast lane. 3. Paying attention to those errors and consciously trying to avoid them constructively to preserve the human being in the writer. 4. Exercising a little common sense and summoning your own inner courage. You supply the courage. The rest of the above is offered here, beginning with Guidepost #1 in Writing in the Fast Lane. The answers are in Writing in the Fast Lane.
Life 101 Articles

Vicki Hinze, Life 101, Articles on Career, Life, Writing, Home and Family



This new series of articles will be available for borrow through Kindle Unlimited in January 2015.

Each article is a minimum of 20 pages long.  There are three categories, reflected above.

Some of the articles are based on articles previously written and now expanded.  Some are original articles never before published.

The first five are slated for publication January 1, 2015.


Down and Dead in Dallas

Author Note:  Down and Dead in Dallas was to be released at the time the police officers were murdered in Dallas. While this book has nothing in common with that instance, the title, which was established in Down and Dead in Even, couldn’t be changed, so Vicki elected to delay publication until January 2017 out of respect for the officers, their families, and the people of Dallas.

New Release January 21st, Magnolia Leaf Press. ISBN:  978-1-939016-18-8

Read Down and Dead in Even first–now free with Newsletter subscription.

About the Book:

Sometimes to live, ya gotta die. And sometimes dying right takes practice…

Christine Branch is elated. Finally her sister, Caroline Branch Easton, has left made the break from her abusive ex, Martin Easton, and returns to Dallas to Christine’s ranchette to heal. Only Martin refuses to let her go. Within twenty-four hours, his thugs are doing everything they can to intimidate Christine into returning home. Christine knows she must do something to get her sister the time and space she needs to heal—and she concocts a plan:

Operation Switch and Bait. The sisters trade lives and Christine baits the thugs into following her. It works! Caroline undergoes counseling, eventually divorces Martin, though he refuses to accept it, and the operation continues… until Martin shows up at the ranchette and issues a return-home ultimatum. Christine’s had enough. She ends the operation, resumes her identity and disappears.

Christine continues with the switch, hoping confusion of two Carolines will assist in a clean getaway. On Christmas, Caroline calls Christine. A chef from Dallas is assisting her. She’s in Even, Georgia but within an hour leaves for Sampson Park. She’ll call again as soon as she’s settled.

But Caroline doesn’t call. And three months later, Christine remains unable to find anything on the mysterious Sampson Park, or on her sister’s whereabouts. She must take the risks of leading Martin to Even to find out what happened to Caroline.

Has she escaped, or is she to remain Down and Dead in Dallas?


Down and Dead in Even

FINALCOVER-EVEN_edited-1 copy This original short story is a Clean Read: suitable for most readers. Coming in February 2014 SPECIAL NOTE: Down and Dead in Even will first be published in the general market collection My Evil Valentine in February exclusively at Amazon.  In March, the story will be published solo under its own title and be available in all usual formats. Caroline Branch Easton has been trapped, a victim of domestic violence, and her husband has just delivered the final straw.  Now she’s getting out, or trying to get out.  She’s tried before.  It didn’t end well.  But this time she has a secret weapon:  a sister willing to do anything and a member of the Down and Dead, Inc. group on her side.   Will she get to safety at Sampson Park alive, or be intimidated by threats of harm to herself and her sister and return to the luxurious life that had been her prison?   *My Evil Valentine is a collection of never-before-published short stories by Vicki, Debra Webb, Rita Herron, Peggy Webb, Regan Black V.R. Marks and Kathy Carmichael.  It contains a variety of types of suspense/thriller/romances.  Vicki’s EVEN is a Clean Read.  Several but not all of the stories are Clean Reads. Clean Read:  no foul language, minimal violence and (if any) bedroom doors are closed. ——————————————- downanddead Down and Dead, Inc. Projects Down and Dead in Dixie. (A novel being released in January 2014.) Down and Dead in Even.  (An original novella included in the My Evil Valentine Collection.)  Post Valentine’s Day, this story will be available in other formats. Down and Dead in Fern.  (A novel being released in late spring 2014.)

Down and Dead in Dixie


Dixie-200-x-300-cover copy

NEW RELEASE Clean Read Book.

This book is suitable for most readers.

Jan 2014,

ISBN: 978-1-939016-05-8,

Magnolia Leaf Press

Down and Dead, Inc. #1

“I know I can always count on Vicki for an absorbing story I’ll remember long after I’ve closed the book.” ~Kay Hooper, New York Times bestselling author, (on Not This Time)

“Move over Janet Evanovich! Vicki Hinze is romping through Dixie’s criminal underbelly, and she’s bringing the sassiest heroine since Stephanie Plum. Down and Dead in Dixie is a rip-roaring page-turner that delivers laughs, fantastic characters and twists galore. This one is a must read!” ~Peggy Webb, USA Today bestselling author  

Trade paperback and digital.


To live, sometimes ya gotta die!

Daisy Grant is in a heap of trouble. She stumbles into a mob turf war and now somebody wants her dead. Daisy may be small-town to the bone, not at all the kind of woman to deal with the Southern Mafia, but she knows how to get creative fast! Enters the way-too-attractive Mark Jensen…  He didn’t mean to rescue anybody, and he certainly didn’t mean to go on the run because of a stubborn, sassy woman.  Soon they are up to their ears in so many wacky characters they don’t know who’s on their side. Daisy and Mark decide that to live, sometimes ya gotta die.  And sometimes to die right takes . . . practice. Clean Read.  This book is suitable for most readers. Read Excerpt ——————————————-




Down and Dead, Inc. Projects Down and Dead in Dixie. (A novel being released in January 2014.) Down and Dead in Even.  (An original novella included in the My Evil Valentine Collection.)  Post Valentine’s Day, this story will be available in other formats. Down and Dead in Fern.  (A novel being released in late spring 2014.)


Reviews and Endorsements

“A lovely recipe of suspense and tenderness seasoned with a clever wit that only Vicki Hinze could cook up!”  ~Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling author

Down and Dead in Dixie is an edge of your seat, thrilling suspense. It will give you laughing, crying and touching sweet moments.  You will love all the people in this book.  This is a great start to a new series by Vicki Hinze.”    ~Read Your Writes
“I’d recommend this story to anyone looking for a fun, exciting read filled with romance.” ~Hannah Alexander
“Hinze tells this clever tale with a wonderful, intelligent voice that I could listen to all day. Highly recommended!” ~Karla Miller
“This wonderful story shows off Hinze’s gift for humor without missing a beat on the romantic suspense. With dynamic characters and a non-stop plot, this is one book you don’t want to miss! I loved it!” ~ Regan Black
“sometimes you get lucky and get to read a book that masterfully draws you in and leaves you with a great sense of contentment and compassion, a story that you remember and makes an impact that lasts over time. This is one of those stories, and a must read. Vicki Hinze is one of my very favorite authors, and this is one of her best!” ~Kristen, a reader (Amazon.com)
“The best part of this story was that it is appropriate for any age and proves that you can write a successful story without adding graphic details. This is a very enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone.”
~Kimberly T. Ferland
“A book I recommend for a laugh and some food for thought. I was thrilled to see another side of this authors writing style. It was so much fun to read and laugh!” ~ Nora St. Laurent, Founder TBCN and Finding Hope Through Fiction
Smart Women and Dangerous Men

5 complete novels by 5 USA Today Bestselling Authors = 1 Entertaining Read!
This collection includes:
DIRTY by Debra Webb
Jackie Mercer kicks butt and takes names—all while the mystery spiraling around her long lost lover and her attraction to Derrick Dawson plunge her into a tangled web of shocking secrets and deadly deceptions. Jackie has her hands full and her heart on the line—time to play dirty!
Daisy Grant stumbles into a mob turf war, and now somebody wants her dead. Daisy may be small-town to the bone, not at all the kind of woman to deal with the Southern Mafia, but she gets creative fast! Then enters the way-too-attractive Mark Jensen, who didn’t mean to rescue anybody or to go on the run because of a stubborn, sassy woman. But soon they are up to their ears in so many wacky characters they don’t know who’s on their side. They do know: Sometimes, to live, ya gotta die—and sometimes dying right takes . . . practice!
ONLY HIS TOUCH by Peggy Webb
Reunited lovers sizzle, from the moss-draped trees of New Orleans to the jungles and diamond mines of Africa, as they try to reclaim their dreams – and each other. Can their love survive murder, kidnapping and dark secrets?

BULLETPROOF by Regan Black
John Noble traded everything he’d once been for redemption, only to get caught in the web of a shadow agency he can’t escape. When new orders come in, he bargains to make protecting Amelia Bennett his last job. Just when John believes he’s found a woman who loves him despite what he’s become, his orders are amended: Amelia is to be terminated.
HERE COMES TROUBLE by Kathy Carmichael
For five incorrigible women, members of TROUBLE: The Readers Organization Uniting Book-loving Littlemouth Elites—being naughty has never been so much fun… and trouble never so delightful. There’s no avoiding trouble or them since they run all the charitable organizations in town and are self-justified at creating chaos to amuse themselves. But when they turn to matchmaking Stella Goody with wanderer, Quin Gregory, will they succeed? All becomes fair in love and Littlemouth!
This “choose your mood” collection of five complete novels crosses genre boundaries. Some stories are dark, suspenseful and gritty. Some contain explicit sex and/or graphic violence. Some are clean reads and downright funny. Choose your mood and enjoy the stories!

My Imperfect Valentine

vicki hinze, magnolia leaf press, new adult romance, contemporary romance, USA Today Beselling authors

New small business owner Amanda Jensen is living her dream—and struggling to keep it alive. Struggling to save her fledgling business, to find her feet and place in the world, to trust her own judgment in a battle of wills with her mother, who is trying to push Amanda into marrying a man she doesn’t love.

On the verge of losing everything—her business, her home, her confidence—Amanda seeks the help of the one person she trusts: a bag lady who has stolen “baubles” from her shop since its grand opening. A bad situation gets worse as Amanda finds her heart torn between an illustrator she’s never met and the bag lady’s nephew. But no one is who they say or seem, confusing Amanda even more. Challenges escalate and the night of the Secret Admirer’s Valentine’s Day ball pandamonium strikes.

When the dust settles, will Amanda or her mother win the battle for Amanda’s future? Will her dream business succeed or fail? And which man—mom’s choice, the illustrator, or the bag lady’s nephew—will win Amanda’s heart? Who will she call My Imperfect Valentine?

First published by St. Martin’s Press in 1998. Rewritten and published in 2015 by Magnolia Leaf Press.

Available at the following Retailers:

Amazon  Barnes and Noble  iBooks   Kobo

Mind Reader
Mind-Reader-200-x-300Magnolia Leaf PressFebruary 2012Digital ISBN:  978-1-93901601-0Trade, Digital, Audio* Two Time Maggie Award of Excellence Finalist
SHE KNOWS A CHILD’S LIFE IS IN DANGER BUT NO ONE BELIEVES HER. HE KNOWS SHE’S A FRAUD AND IS OUT TO PROVE IT. THEY SEEK THE TRUTH AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE . . . OR KILL YOU Caron Chalmers is an empath. A mind reader cursed with imaging only victims. She sees what they see, feels what they feel, endures what they endure and has since she was seven. But even with all the sensory perception and insights, sometimes she fails to save victims in time. Sometimes she interprets the signs wrong—and a year ago, she did exactly that. She messed up and a victim died. Caron nearly died with her. Her “gift” shut down. Now it’s back. There’s another victim—this time a child—and because of the mistake made last year and the shut-down, her police contact, though aware of her many successes, isn’t willing to stake his career on her. Yet he can’t dismiss her and calls in help from a private investigator, Parker Simms: a man with a past as bleak as Caron’s and a specific agenda of his own: proving Caron Chalmers is the fraud he believes her to be. In a hostile alliance, Caron and Parker seek the truth . . . and discover a labrynth of lies and deceptions that require skills and experience they have and trust they don’t but must somehow find before the child becomes another victim lost. Yet trust never comes without costs, and some are too steep to pay. The situation grows desperate. Time for the child’s survival grows short . . . and for Caron and Parker, who must live with the consequences of missteps and wrong moves, the unthinkable happens: Stakes that couldn’t get any higher soar. * First published by Vicki Hinze writing as Victoria Cole in 1993. *

vicki hinze, duplicity, clean read

New Release Vicki Hinze’s ABA Romantic Suspense/Thriller Duplicity ISBN:  978-1-939016-00-3 Digital Available Now Trade Fall 2012 Audio Spring 2013
Captain Tracy Keener, a military attorney, is the by-name request counsel for Captain Adam Burke, a special ops officer accused of leading his team onto an active bombing range during a war-readiness exercise that leads to the death of his entire team.  Burke says he was under direct orders to do what he did.  The honchos deny it.  But when Keener pushes and learns chemical weapons could have been involved, attempts on her life prove there’s more than meets the eye in this case.  There’s murder a conspiracy that goes up the chain of command.  The question is how high–and if she and Burke will survive attempts to silence them long enough to expose the truth. . . once they discover it. First published in 1999, Duplicity has been updated and is now suitable for most audiences.
Girl Talk: Letters Between Friends


Recent Release Vicki Hinze’s epistolary novel GIRL TALK:  LETTERS BETWEEN FRIENDS Digital
GIRL TALK:  Letters Between Friends Vicki Hinze writing as Kali Kaye In the early 1960s, four girls, as part of a 7th grade, nationwide school program, become pen pals.  They have little in common but become lifelong friends who confront together the challenges girls confront in the world they confront them.  Through their letters, we share their lives–their hopes and dreams, triumphs and defeats, joys and sorrows–and for all their differences, we discover that they are stronger and wiser for being friends. Original publication.
Risky Brides Collection

Risky Brides Collection, Vicki Hinze, Kathy Carmichael, Peggy Webb, Donna Fletcher, Rita Herron, Tara Randel, Kimberly Llewellyn, Piper Bayard



Risky Brides


This Exclusive Limited-Time-Only Edition features:


  • Eight Risky Brides
  • Eight Full-Length Novels and Novellas
  • Sexy Romance
  • Sweet Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Romantic Thriller
  • Thriller
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Cozy Mystery
  • And so much more!
  • No Cliffhangers.



Looking for your next must-read author? You’ll find him or her in this limited-time-only collection. USA Today Bestsellers, (Vicki Hinze, Rita Herron, Donna Fletcher, Peggy Webb, Kathy Carmichael) veteran authors, (Kimberly Llewellyn and Tara Randel) and dynamic newcomers, (Bayard & Holmes)—all share their unique take on what it means to be a risky bride.





Vicki Hinze

The Marked Bride

Romantic Thriller Novel


Nine months after breaking their engagement, Mandy sends Tim, a private security consultant and former Shadow Watcher (spies who spy on spies), an SOS. She’s in trouble. NINA caused the breakup and, though Mandy and Tim have been apart, NINA has struck—targeting Mandy.


Rita Herron

There Goes the Groom

Romantic Suspense Novel


A jilted bride is arrested for her fiancé’s crimes when he goes on the lam!


Donna Fletcher

The Irish Devil

Historical Romance Novel


The infamous warrior the Irish Devil was promised a bride by the King of Ireland for services rendered. Faith is as kind as she is beautiful and wants no part of marrying the fierce warrior, but has no choice, and once wed she discovers just how sinful the devil is.

Peggy Webb

Elvis and the Buried Brides

Quick-Read Cozy Mystery

Bad boy Jack Jones is finally retying the marital knot! But where is the bride? When Callie and cousin Lovie both go missing, everybody is crying in the chapel. Can canine sleuth Elvis and the Valentine gang find them in time to croon “Love Me Tender” at the wedding?

Kathy Carmichael

Something Borrowed, Something Deadly

Quick-Read Mystery

When the groom is found murdered hours before the wedding, can bridesmaid and owner of the Skullduggery Inn, Ashley Sands, clear the bride from imminent arrest? With numerous suspects, all with strong motives, Ash must figure out who-dun-it before the murderer strikes again.

Tara Randel

Love at the Sweetheart Inn

Sweet Romance Novel


Wedding planner Kara Delaney has had her heart broken too many times to expect a wedding of her own. Lucas Winfield can’t promise forever to any woman. As they work together on a wedding, the attraction is undeniable, but can they overcome their pasts to have a future together?


Kimberly Llewellyn

Almost a Bride

Sexy Romance Novel


After getting dumped at the altar, Ivy Hammond enters a sexy research study with one rule: don’t fall in love. But with each sizzling assignment, her hot research partner, Kip Lockehart, convinces her some rules were made to be broken.

Bayard & Holmes

The Spy Bride

Quick-Read Thriller


With her wedding only days away, a CIA operative and her mother must thwart a top-level traitor before he delivers computer technology to international crime cartels, allowing them to hack US security systems and target thousands of innocents for slaughter.

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